The perfect soundtrack for your brand

Whether making customers stay longer, shaping their opinion of your brand or enhancing staff wellbeing, background music should be kept at the forefront of every business owners mind.

However, despite this background music is often underutilised and rarely reviewed due to complex, expensive licensing and either a lack of music knowledge or simply not enough time in the day.

At Mustard Music we have the knowledge, technology and experience to help you overcome these challenges and give your business the bespoke music solution it needs.

Here’s how it works…

One of our expert music profilers will visit your venue to discuss your requirements and understand your business, clientele and the atmosphere you’d like to achieve.

Through working with you and learning about your venue we’ll create the perfect sound for your space which is then delivered as a core library of hundreds of songs, pre-loaded and sequenced onto your new system, with ongoing updates delivered as frequently as you like via broadband.

Once your music profile is created you will be allocated your own personalised consultant who is available at all times to discuss your profile, answer queries and ensure you’re always completely satisfied with your sound.


Our Range of Digital Music Systems


The Revolution 100 music system is the favourite choice when you want total control over your music. Easy to learn and simple to use, the Revolution 100 gives you total control over your background music.

H200 + M350

In venues where space is a premium but hassle free, high quality music is essential the H200 and M350 music system provide the perfect compact solution.


Creating the right vibe for your venue is crucial especially when you're on a tight budget. Our entry-level digital music system is competitively priced to draw in the customers and keep them coming back for more.

Secret DJ is an innovative tool providing management with fingertip control of their music from anywhere in the venue

Interact & control music from your smartphone...
Change the music and blacklist tracks in real time...
Reduce hardware costs whilst maintaining total control...
Free for the public to download and no hidden costs for venues…

Secret DJ is also a way to engage with your customers through music and provides venues with powerful marketing tool

Hear a track you love? Share it with your friends…
Check-in to let your mates know where you are…
Want an excuse come visit? See all of our promotions, offers and events where you are…
Be rewarded for interacting with your favourite venue…



If you want your customers to really get involved with the music, Secret DJ is the future of the jukebox, allowing your customers to choose music straight from their phone.

However, to ensure you’re always in complete control of the atmosphere in your venue, Mustard will provide a bespoke set playlists, hand-crafted just for you guaranteeing that only the best songs can be chosen.

Configurable, by both time and day, Secret DJ gives you total flexibility over if and when your customers can choose music so you’re always in complete control of the atmosphere in your venue.

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